Free School Jimbocho “K-Academy”

Place for learning with help of psychologist

“Jimbocho K-Academy” 


“Truancy /Chronic absenteeism / Reluctant to go to school” “Don’t want to be in a crowded place”

“Want to make friends”

“There might be a development disorder (doubt)”

“Cannot continue working part-time for some reason”

“Want to eliminate the anxiety to go into society”



Clinical psychologist will be there permanently

Pediatrician enrolled

We made a place to think and learn together with everyone.

Professional care from troubled consultation to SST, parenting consultation

~ Inclusive support of small group ~


  • Developmental disorders / learning disorders
  • Truancy / Chronic absenteeism / Reluctant to go to school
  • Homework support for home schooling
  • Social debut support for kids with anxiety to go into society
  • Respect every individual and help one another in the society
  • We respond widely, such as child care counseling / puberty consultation.
  • With many menus like Learning / Conversation / Game etc.  will have fun and become confident and social.

We are currently accepting trial meeting/ summer schools.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at the address below.
Jimbocho K Academy administration office